Get More Independence from the Grid with a Solar Battery

Installing rooftop solar for your home can offer you energy that’s clean, renewable, and in most cases more affordable than your current monthly electric bill. Going solar with rooftop solar panels is also flexible, allowing you to install as much or as little as you need to power all or part of your home. Adding to that flexibility is solar battery storage. A solar battery will allow you to store excess solar energy generated throughout the day so you can use it whenever you need it.

Battery Storage Protects Against Grid Outages

Battery storage means you don’t need the sun to shine to turn the lights on. If there’s an outage from the grid due to equipment failure or weather, you won’t be affected. Any excess solar energy your system generates but your home can’t use right away is stored in your solar batteries so you can use it anytime you need, including during a grid outage.

Battery Storage Can Even Earn You Money

With net metering, you can actually store energy that you sell back to the grid at peak hours. This system allows solar energy generated by homeowners to help reduce the strain on the traditional electric grid. This allows the electric companies to improve reliability for customers, and for that, you are paid per kilowatt-hour generated. Homes with solar battery storage can generate and sell back even more than those without. Net metering often shows up as a credit on your electric bill from the utility.

The Best Solar Battery Options

Some of the top battery providers are Enphase Energy and Tesla. Enphase is offering the latest Encharge battery as fierce competition in the market for its safety, flexibility, and reliability. Adding any solar battery solution to your system will help you reduce your dependence on the grid and help you keep the lights on, rain or shine.

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