The Differences in Engaging a Solar EPC vs. a Non-EPC

It’s plain to see that solar energy is on the rise and solar companies are sprouting up all over the place. You must have encountered some form of solar company; whether you have been looking into the advantages of solar power, had somebody approach you to discuss solar, or spent any time on social media only to be bombarded with solar promotions (some with obscure or deceptive claims).

Nonetheless, the expression “solar company” can be quite general with regard to the services they render, since not all of them offer a complete package for solar energy requirements. In fact, there are some firms that are merely lead generators or sales companies that do not perform any of the actual work, as we shall analyze further in this article. Considering that solar energy is a huge investment, you want to be certain you are completely aware of the team and services you are working with in order to ensure a smooth transition.

What is the purpose of a Solar EPC Company?

In the commercial solar industry and in residential solar, an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company is a type of business that provides the full package of solar services. This includes assistance with the sales process, designing the system, procuring the equipment, managing the project, installing the panels, and providing support for maintenance and warranties. Working with an EPC solar company means having just one point of contact for the entire project and all of its components. This type of company typically does not outsource any of the work, preferring to keep it all in-house. Although they may not have their own financing options, they can often connect customers with lenders and present financing options for their services.

Brokers, Dealers, Lead Generators, and Others

Be aware that the solar company you’re engaging with might not be the same one that will be doing the actual installation of your solar panel system. It’s a scary prospect, we know. When you fill out a form online to “qualify for solar”, there is a chance that your data is being gathered and sold to another company as a lead. To ensure that you are giving your info to an actual solar company, it is recommended to do a quick search for the company’s name and see what reviews come up. If there are no reviews, that is a good indication that you are dealing with a lead generator, as they generally change names often.

Organizations known as brokers and dealers exist to assist those who are looking to invest in solar energy. Brokers work to compare various solar companies and the offers they provide, and then they receive a commission in exchange. To make the selection process easier, there are a variety of online platforms that offer this service, which may be beneficial for those who are uncertain of their ability to compare and choose a solar company.

Solar dealers have become more and more popular due to the low threshold for entry into the industry. As a customer, it can be tricky to evaluate the quality of the work that will be done as it depends on who the sub-contractor is and the bond between the two firms. It is recommended to inquire your solar consultant about the range of work and who will be executing it. Research any sub-contractors too to figure out the other people’s experiences with them. Additionally, think about any potential problems in the future and make sure to comprehend who is responsible for any service or warranty work, in addition to the potential risk associated with the solar dealer not sticking around.

A graphic representation of how working with an EPC is different from dealing with a subcontractor can be seen here:

solar epc

It is evident that with the assistance of our solar financing partner, we have got all bases covered. Sun Services USA ensures quality, convenience, and reliability with the management of your solar project. After the system is installed, we remain available for any type of service required beyond the installation process and offer a specialized service department for this purpose.

When dealing with alternative solar businesses, you might find yourself responding to a promotion that is actually a lead generator that will trade your details with multiple companies that will contact you with an offer. Your financing, engineering, installation, and configuration of the solar panel might also be outsourced, which makes it difficult to recognize the labor that is done, and by whom. This could swiftly turn into too many cooks in one solar-powered kitchen.

Different Categories of Solar Businesses

Are you wanting to figure out how to differentiate solar companies? Here is a rundown of the distinct kinds of solar companies available:

  • Solar Equipment Manufacturers: These organizations create solar panels but generally do not offer setup services or financing.
  • Solar Finance Companies: These firms facilitate financing when consumers are looking to acquire a solar energy system. They usually collaborate with solar vendors and solar installers.
  • Solar Lead Generation Companies: These businesses produce leads for other solar firms. They act as a marketing & advertising agency for solar but do not represent any single company.
  • Solar Dealers: These businesses can sell solar products and services to other organizations. They usually employ 1099 independent contractors as their sales team and then have a subcontractor do the work.
  • Solar Installers (subcontractors): These companies exclusively put in solar panels for other solar vendors who have employed them to carry out the job.
  • Solar Brokers: Like a Real Estate broker, solar brokers do your shopping for you. They give you multiple bids on solar as opposed to a lead generation company that will sell your contact information to multiple solar companies that bid to you.
  • Solar EPC (turn-key solar installer): These solar companies manage every step of the solar process from advertising, sale, design & project management, to set up and servicing.
solar epc

Are you searching for a dependable solar energy provider in Arizona/Florida? Sun Services USA has an impressive history and will take care of all aspects of the switch to solar for you, making it straightforward and giving you lasting advantages and peace of mind. Click here to arrange a complimentary consultation to learn more.

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