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By installing solar panels, you can reduce energy costs and increase energy independence.

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    Security, HVAC, and Roofing Professionals:

    Many of your customers are already exploring solar. They are waiting for you—their trusted home services professional.

    ​This platform brings together all the pieces of the solar puzzle from marketing and sales, to permitting and installation, and all of the stuff in between (and after too). Complete Solar’s platform and easy-to-access training material make it easy for anyone to join the solar industry and turn an extra profit in the process.

    As A Trusted Advisor You Have An Incredible Opportunity To:

    Increase your revenue from solar commissions

    Sell more and upsell or your existing packages because of solar saving and cost offsetting potential

    Retain and recruit more employees with more competitive career and compensation plans

    We’re an Ideal Partner for Security, HVAC, & Roofing Professionals

    With over 10 years of experience in solar, we’ve learned how to not only streamline the process of going solar, but also how to help other residential experts get involved and succeed in solar.

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    Why 2,600+ Homeowners Have Joined The Solar Revolution