Thinking of Going Solar? Here’s How Solar Energy Works

Solar energy is clean, affordable energy that can be a great alternative to the unpredictable service from your local electric company. Going solar can help you reduce your reliance on the traditional electric grid and generate monthly energy savings.

How Solar Works

There are actually very few components to your solar energy system, but each of them is critical in delivering clean affordable energy you can rely on. The solar panels collect the sun’s rays, sending that clean energy to an inverter. The solar inverter takes the sun’s energy and converts it into energy your home can use.

Solar at Night

When your panels can’t generate enough energy, if it’s cloudy or dark out, you can get your solar energy from backup solar battery storage. Homes that go solar also can rely on the electric grid as a backup source for rainy days, but a little battery storage can go a long way to protecting your home from grid outages.

How Long Does A Solar Energy System Last?

Most solar panels have a lifespan of about 25-35 years. Solar panels do degrade as time goes on, but by the end of their warranty, many still have 80-85% capacity left and could continue to work for years more. You just won’t be generating quite as much energy as when they were in their prime.

Don’t Forget About The Warranties!

One of the biggest parts of your solar energy system is one you can’t see—the warranties. Check your coverage for labor and installation as well as each component of your system. In some cases, warranties can cover the full life of the system. Our Aptos panels come with a 30 Year Production Guarantee, and our Enphase Microinverters come with a 25 Year Product Warranty.

We design every solar energy system to match any home and any budget. From powering your home 100% to offsetting big energy users like major appliances or a new pool, solar can work for you to reduce your energy use and your bill.

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